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Havana # van myself4ever met wedge shoes

Wedge shoes, $26 / Kenneth Cole Reaction vegan leather handbag / Brooks Brothers gold hoop earrings / Weave bracelet

Any requests?

Let them roll in!

A few jumpsuit outfits van myself4ever met charm jewelry

Shirts top / Yellow blazer / Diane Von Furstenberg black jump suit / ONLY blue bib overall, $97 / Influence sleeveless jumpsuit, $38 / Vans sneaker / Taupe pumps / Office leather thong sandals, $43 / Tory Burch leather key ring, $435 / CHARLES KEITH yellow bag / Wet Seal flower backpack / Irene Neuwirth tear drop earrings / Shinola water resistant watch / Gold jewellery / Bee Charming charm jewelry / Juicy Couture steel bracelet, $36 / Mango jewelry / Asos jewelry
Swimming Pool with Harry van myself4ever met wedge shoes

Jane Norman jumpsuits romper, $17 / Wet Seal wedge shoes / Beach tote / Miguel Ases gemstone jewelry / Vintage jewelry / Hair accessory
Can I please request an outfit? Could it be with Harry and the occasion can be going to the pool. Please and thanks!

Of course my love! On it now! Xx Sien

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Havana outfit #3 by myself4ever featuring a short white blazer

Doublju sleeveless flare dress / ONLY short white blazer, $65 / Platform stiletto pumps, $48 / CHARLES KEITH trapeze purse / Paloma Picasso gold leaf bracelet / Irene Neuwirth teardrop chandelier earrings / Seashell necklace
Havana outfit #2 van myself4ever met blue jeans

T shirt / J TOMSON boyfriend blazer / ONLY blue jeans, $47 / Giuseppe Zanotti pumps / Tory burch purse / Mango gold jewelry / Brooks Brothers gold hoop earrings / Cuff bangle

Zayn and Perrie sharing a loving embrace at her birthday funfair

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